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About us

STUDIO TOPARH Ltd. is architecture company which is devoted to create distinctive and sustainable building design. We aim at creating vibrant buildings that fit well their context and add great value to the architectural environment that they are built into. Our goal is to create building design that is developed in close collaboration with the client and meets all the requirements for quality and modern architecture. Our approach for each project is to analyze and understand the particulars of the site and its context and through the process of idea evolution to find the best design solution.

The company was founded in 1999 and since then we have acquired comprehensive experience in the area of urban planning, residential, public, commercial and industrial building design, restauration and reconstruction, contemporary interior design solutions. The design list of the company includes a variety of projects, a substantial part of which have already been realized. By the designing process, our competences have been developed through our close collaboration with experts and specialists.

We can provide services in the field of:
- Architectural design
- Consultancy service
- Research
- Urban planning
- Interior design
- Building renovation design
- Project proceeding and coordination

The team consists of highly qualified architects and engineers, experienced in building design. Based on our work experience with these engineers and experts we have developed a well working methodology for project implementation within of time limits and efficient, punctual and hassle-free planning and design services which have become a hallmark of STUDIO TOPARH Ltd. over the years.


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Managing partner

Tel: +359 889 610 939

Tel: +359 886 113 856


Tel: +359 886 113 856


Tel: +359 886 113 856


Tel: +359 886 113 856

Architect (e)

Tel: +359 886 113 856

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